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  • References are taken from the Standard Catalogues of World Paper Money (Krause Publications).
  • Prices are quoted in GB Pounds; you can click the currency symbols above to show approximate values in US Dollars or Euros.
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imageRefDescriptionDateGradePriceOther Information
Czechoslovakia 20 Korun,  1.10.192621b20 Korun 1.10.1926aUNC£18.00
Czechoslovakia 20 Korun,  1.10.192621s20 Korun 1.10.1926UNC£14.00Specimen note
Czechoslovakia 50 Korun,  1.10.192922s50 Korun 1.10.1929UNC£20.00Specimen note
Czechoslovakia 100 Korun, 10. 1.193123a100 Korun10. 1.1931F+£25.00
Czechoslovakia 500 Korun,  2. 5.192924s500 Korun 2. 5.1929UNC£25.00Specimen note
Czechoslovakia 1 Korunu, 194445s1 Korunu1944UNC£4.00Specimen note
Czechoslovakia 5 Korun, 194446b5 Korun1944UNC£18.00
Czechoslovakia 20 Korun, 194447a20 Korun1944UNC£22.00
Czechoslovakia 100 Korun, 194448s100 Korun1944UNC£15.00Specimen note
Czechoslovakia 500 Korun, 194449s500 Korun1944UNC£20.00Specimen note
Czechoslovakia 1000 Korun, 194450s1000 Korun1944EF£10.00Specimen note
Czechoslovakia 2000 Korun, 194550As2000 Korun1945aUNC£26.00Specimen note
Czechoslovakia 100 Korun, (1945)52s100 Korun(1945)UNC£7.00Specimen note
Czechoslovakia 100 Korun, (1945)53s100 Korun(1945)UNC£22.50Specimen note
Czechoslovakia 500 Korun, (1945)54s500 Korun(1945)UNC£12.00Specimen note
Czechoslovakia 500 Korun, (1945)55s500 Korun(1945)UNC£24.00Specimen note
Czechoslovakia 1000 Korun, (1945)56s1000 Korun(1945)UNC£22.00Specimen note
Czechoslovakia 1000 Korun, (1945)56s1000 Korun(1945)aUNC£15.00Specimen note
Czechoslovakia 1000 Korun, (1945)57s1000 Korun(1945)UNC£15.00Specimen note
Czechoslovakia 1 Koruna, (1946)58a1 Koruna(1946)UNC£15.00
Czechoslovakia 1 Koruna, (1946)58s1 Koruna(1946)UNC£12.00Specimen note
Czechoslovakia 20 Korun, (1945)61a20 Korun(1945)UNC£18.00
Czechoslovakia 100 Korun, (1945)63a100 Korun(1945)UNC£25.00
Czechoslovakia 100 Korun, (1945)63a100 Korun(1945)aUNC£20.00
Czechoslovakia 50 Korun,  3. 7.194866a50 Korun 3. 7.1948VF+£16.00
Czechoslovakia 100 Korun, 16. 5.194567a100 Korun16. 5.1945UNC£20.00
Czechoslovakia 5 Korun, 25. 1.194968a5 Korun25. 1.1949UNC£9.00
Czechoslovakia 20 Korun,  1. 5.194970b20 Korun 1. 5.1949UNC£14.00
Czechoslovakia 20 Korun,  1. 5.194970s20 Korun 1. 5.1949UNC£16.00Specimen note
Czechoslovakia 50 Korun, 29. 8.195071b50 Korun29. 8.1950UNC£24.00
Czechoslovakia 500 Korun, 12. 3.194673a500 Korun12. 3.1946UNC£28.00
Czechoslovakia 1000 Korun, 16. 5.194574c1000 Korun16. 5.1945EF£20.00
Czechoslovakia 1000 Korun, 16. 5.194574c1000 Korun16. 5.1945VF+£14.00
Czechoslovakia 1000 Korun, 16. 5.194574s1000 Korun16. 5.1945UNC£14.00Specimen note
Czechoslovakia 5000 Korun,  1.11.194575s5000 Korun 1.11.1945UNC£18.00Specimen note
Czechoslovakia 3 Korun, 195379b3 Korun1953UNC£4.00
Czechoslovakia 5 Korun, 195380b5 Korun1953UNC£4.00
Czechoslovakia 5 Korun, 195380s5 Korun1953UNC£5.00Specimen note
Czechoslovakia 3 Korun, 196181a3 Korun1961UNC£2.00
Czechoslovakia 5 Korun, 196182b5 Korun1961UNC£2.00
Czechoslovakia 10 Korun, 195383b10 Korun1953UNC£3.00
Czechoslovakia 100 Korun, 195386b100 Korun1953UNC£8.00
Czechoslovakia 25 Korun, 195887a25 Korun1958UNC£13.00
Czechoslovakia 10 Korun, 196088b10 Korun1960UNC£2.50
Czechoslovakia 25 Korun, 196189b25 Korun1961UNC£13.00
Czechoslovakia 50 Korun, 196490b50 Korun1964UNC£10.00
Czechoslovakia 100 Korun, 196191a100 Korun1961VF+£7.00
Czechoslovakia 100 Korun, 196191a100 Korun1961VF£5.00
Czechoslovakia 100 Korun, 196191b100 Korun1961aEF£8.00
Czechoslovakia 100 Korun, 196191c100 Korun1961UNC£8.00
Czechoslovakia 20 Korun, 19709220 Korun1970UNC£2.20
Czechoslovakia 500 Korun, 197393500 Korun1973VF£6.00
Czechoslovakia 10 Korun, 19869410 Korun1986UNC£2.00
Czechoslovakia 20 Korun, 19889520 Korun1988UNC£4.00
Czechoslovakia 50 Korun, 19879650 Korun1987UNC£6.00