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  • References are taken from The Banknote Yearbook (Token Publishing, Devon).
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Bank of England Error notes

ImageBYB ref.


Error Notes 1 Pound, K33RBE64error1 PoundK33R
Prefix (1963)
VF/VF+£90.00Extra paper with marginal markings
Error Notes 1 Pound, T03CBE72.error1 PoundT03C
Prefix (1967)
aUNC£140.00Mismatched serial numbers, sold as a pair
Error Notes 1 Pound, T73CBE72error1 PoundT73C
Prefix (1967)
UNC£160.00Mismatched serial numbers, sold as a pair
Error Notes 1 Pound, U41BBE78error1 PoundU41B
Prefix (1970)
UNC£45.00Error colour streak
Error Notes 1 Pound, DX13BE81error1 PoundDX13
Prefix (1970)
aEF£12.00Error small colour streak
Error Notes 5 Pounds, from 1973BE112.error5 Poundsfrom 1973
Prefix AS52
UNC£130.00This note has different serial numbers 843667 and 843685
Error Notes 5 Pounds, from 1973BE112error5 Poundsfrom 1973
Prefix CR42
EF£60.00Design misplaced vertically
Error Notes 5 Pounds, from 1980BE114error5 Poundsfrom 1980
Prefix DU71
UNC£180.00Missing Signature
Error Notes 5 Pounds, EL09BE E2b (ii)5 PoundsEL09
Prefix from 2004
EF£250.00Error without QE II
Error Notes 10 Pounds, from 1992BE166error10 Poundsfrom 1992
Prefix H23
aUNC£90.00Different serial numbers 106914 and 106904
Error Notes 10 Pounds, from 1992BE166berror10 Poundsfrom 1992
Prefix W75
VF+£45.00Error Misplaced Print