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  • References are taken from The Banknote Yearbook (Token Publishing, Devon).
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Southern Ireland

ImageBYB ref.

Currency Commission Ireland

Southern Ireland 5 Pounds,  7. 6.1932E0895 Pounds 7. 6.1932
Prefix 15T

The Central Bank of Ireland

Southern Ireland 1 Pound,  2. 9.1959E0831 Pound 2. 9.1959
Prefix 20F
Southern Ireland 1 Pound,  2. 9.1959E0831 Pound 2. 9.1959
Prefix 31F
Southern Ireland 1 Pound,  2. 9.1959E0831 Pound 2. 9.1959
Prefix 34F
Southern Ireland 1 Pound, 11. 3.1963E0841 Pound11. 3.1963
Prefix 02X
aEF£50.00X prefix experimental note first issued in 1974.
Southern Ireland 1 Pound, 17. 5.1974E0861 Pound17. 5.1974
Prefix S
Southern Ireland 5 Pounds,  2. 3.1944E0925 Pounds 2. 3.1944
Prefix 74T
VF£375.00Very scarce; War Code letter 'M'
Southern Ireland 5 Pounds, 25. 2.1949E0935 Pounds25. 2.1949
Prefix 16W
Southern Ireland 5 Pounds, 12. 2.1953E0945 Pounds12. 2.1953
Prefix 63W
F+/VF£16.003 to 4mm tear on centre fold
Southern Ireland 5 Pounds, 12. 2.1953E0945 Pounds12. 2.1953
Prefix 64W
Southern Ireland 5 Pounds, 24.10.1955E0955 Pounds24.10.1955
Prefix 68W
Southern Ireland 5 Pounds, 21.10.1958E0965 Pounds21.10.1958
Prefix 74W
Southern Ireland 5 Pounds, 12. 8.1968E0975 Pounds12. 8.1968
Prefix 14A
Southern Ireland 5 Pounds, 27. 2.1970E0985 Pounds27. 2.1970
Prefix 31A
Southern Ireland 5 Pounds, 18. 1.1971E0995 Pounds18. 1.1971
Prefix 32A
Southern Ireland 5 Pounds, 23. 5.1972E0995 Pounds23. 5.1972
Prefix 48A
Southern Ireland 10 Pounds,  5. 8.1949E105PMG10 Pounds 5. 8.1949
Prefix 41V
aU/UNC£340.00Slabbed by PMG as 64 Choice Uncirculated but we can see a count crease, we grade this note as aUNC
Southern Ireland 10 Pounds, 24. 9.1952E10510 Pounds24. 9.1952
Prefix 69V
F£55.00Some damage to the paper along the top egde; see image
Southern Ireland 50 Pounds,  4. 4.1977E12750 Pounds 4. 4.1977
Prefix 03A
Southern Ireland 100 Pounds,  3. 3.1972E134100 Pounds 3. 3.1972
Prefix 02Z
VF+£600.00There is a small cut in the body of the note which looks as though it has been done with a sharp blade; cash figure 1300 written on the front.
Southern Ireland 100 Pounds,   4. 4.1977E135100 Pounds 4. 4.1977
Prefix 02B
VF+£475.00Small brown stain in the top margin
Southern Ireland 1 Pound, 10. 6.1977E1361 Pound10. 6.1977
Prefix HLB
Southern Ireland 1 Pound, 17.11.1977E1361 Pound17.11.1977
Prefix HKB
Southern Ireland 1 Pound, 11.10.1977E1361 Pound11.10.1977
Prefix FCB
Southern Ireland 100 Pounds, 22.08.1996E163100 Pounds22.08.1996
Prefix BAK