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  • References are taken from the Standard Catalogues of World Paper Money (Krause Publications).
  • Prices are quoted in GB Pounds; you can click the currency symbols above to show approximate values in US Dollars or Euros.
  • Click on image thumbnails to enlarge. Please note that all images are library pictures intended only to aid general identification of the notes. In most instances, the note you receive will not be the exact note which is pictured, and you should be guided by the written description with regard to detail and condition.
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imageRefDescriptionDateGradePriceOther Information
Argentina 1 Peso, (1948-51)2571 Peso(1948-51)UNC£5.00
Argentina 50 Centavos, (1950-51)259a50 Centavos(1950-51)UNC£5.00
Argentina 1 Peso, (1952-55)260b1 Peso(1952-55)UNC£5.00
Argentina 1 Peso, (1952-55)260b1 Peso(1952-55)aUNC£3.00
Argentina 10 Pesos, (1954-63)270c10 Pesos(1954-63)EF£3.00
Argentina 50 Pesos, (1954-63)271d50 Pesos(1954-63)EF£8.00
Argentina 100 Pesos, (1957-68)272c100 Pesos(1957-68)EF£5.00
Argentina 5 Pesos, (1960-62)275c5 Pesos(1960-62)UNC£7.00
Argentina 5 Pesos, (1960-62)275c5 Pesos(1960-62)EF£5.00
Argentina 1 Peso, (1970-73)2871 Peso(1970-73)UNC£1.20
Argentina 10 Pesos, (1970-73)28910 Pesos(1970-73)UNC£1.50
Argentina 1 Peso, (1974-6)2931 Peso(1974-6)UNC£1.00
Argentina 5 Pesos, (1974-76)2945 Pesos(1974-76)UNC£1.00
Argentina 10 Pesos, (1976)30010 Pesos(1976)UNC£1.00
Argentina 50 Pesos, (1976-78)301a50 Pesos(1976-78)UNC£0.70
Argentina 50 Pesos, (1976-78)301b50 Pesos(1976-78)UNC£0.70
Argentina 500 Pesos, (1977-82)303c500 Pesos(1977-82)UNC£0.60
Argentina 1000 Pesos, (1976-83)304b1000 Pesos(1976-83)UNC£1.00
Argentina 1000 Pesos, (1976-83)304d1000 Pesos(1976-83)UNC£0.60
Argentina 10,000 Pesos, (1976-83)306b10,000 Pesos(1976-83)UNC£2.00
Argentina 1 Peso Arg., (1983-4)3111 Peso Arg.(1983-4)UNC£0.50
Argentina 5 Pesos Arg., (1983-4)312a5 Pesos Arg.(1983-4)UNC£0.60
Argentina 100 Pesos Argentinos, (1983-85)315a100 Pesos Argentinos(1983-85)UNC£1.00
Argentina 1000 Pesos Argentinos, (1983-85)317b1000 Pesos Argentinos(1983-85)UNC£1.50
Argentina 5000 Pesos Argentinos, (1984-85)318a5000 Pesos Argentinos(1984-85)UNC£7.00
Argentina 10 Australes o/p on P319, 10,000 Pesos Arg. (1985), 322c10 Australes o/p on P319, 10,000 Pesos Arg. (1985)UNC£4.00
Argentina 1 Austral, (1985)323b1 Austral(1985)UNC£0.40
Argentina 50 Australes, (1986)326b50 Australes(1986)UNC£0.70
Argentina 500 Australes, (1990)328b500 Australes(1990)UNC£0.60
Argentina 2 Pesos, (2002)3522 Pesos(2002)UNC£2.50
Argentina 2 Pesos, (2008)3522 Pesos(2008)UNC£2.20Series I
Argentina 2 Pesos, (2008)3522 Pesos(2008)UNC£2.20Series K
Argentina 2 Pesos, (2012)3522 Pesos(2012)UNC£1.50Series L
Argentina 5 Pesos, (2003)3535 Pesos(2003)UNC£4.50
Argentina 5 Pesos, (2015)353d5 Pesos(2015)UNC£3.00Series J
Argentina 10 Pesos, (2003)35410 Pesos(2003)UNC£5.00
Argentina 10 Pesos, (2003)35410 Pesos(2003)UNC£5.00Series M
Argentina 10 Pesos, (2012)354b10 Pesos(2012)UNC£4.00Series P
Argentina 20 Pesos, (2018)355c20 Pesos(2018)UNC£6.50Series F
Argentina 5 Pesos, (2016)3595 Pesos(2016)UNC£1.50Series B
Argentina 10 Pesos, (2016)36010 Pesos(2016)UNC£2.50Series A
Argentina 20 Pesos, (2017)36120 Pesos(2017)UNC£4.00
Argentina 50 Pesos, (2018)36350 Pesos(2018)UNC£8.00

Provincia de Salta

Argentina 1 Austral, 31.12.1987S2612e1 Austral31.12.1987UNC£0.40

Provincia de Tucuman.

Argentina 1 Austral, 1991S2711b1 Austral1991UNC£0.60
Argentina 100 Australes, 1991S2715100 Australes1991UNC£1.50