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  • References are taken from the Standard Catalogues of World Paper Money (Krause Publications).
  • Prices are quoted in GB Pounds; you can click the currency symbols above to show approximate values in US Dollars or Euros.
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imageRefDescriptionDateGradePriceOther Information
Bosnia-Herzegovina 500 Dinara, 1b500 DinaraVF+£35.00Provisional issue, overstamp on Yugoslavia P109
Bosnia-Herzegovina 500 Dinara, 1b500 DinaraVF£25.00Provisional issue, overstamp on Yugoslavia P109
Bosnia-Herzegovina 1000 Dinara, 2b1000 DinaraVF+£35.00Provisional issue, overstamp on Yugoslavia P110
Bosnia-Herzegovina 1000 Dinara, 2b1000 DinaraVF£25.00Provisional issue, overstamp on Yugoslavia P110
Bosnia-Herzegovina 500 Dinara, 7g500 DinaraVF+£5.00Provisional issue, Zenica handstamp on back
Bosnia-Herzegovina 1000 Dinara, 8b1000 DinaraF£12.00Provisional issue - Fojnica handstamp on back
Bosnia-Herzegovina 1000 Dinara, 8h1000 DinaraF+/VF£4.00Provisional issue - Zenica handstamp on back
Bosnia-Herzegovina 5000 Dinara, 9f15000 DinaraEF£12.00Visoko, large handstamp on back
Bosnia-Herzegovina 5000 Dinara, 9f35000 DinaraEF£24.00Visoko, small handstamp on back
Bosnia-Herzegovina 5000 Dinara, 9g5000 DinaraEF£40.00Zenica handstamp on front, scarce
Bosnia-Herzegovina 5000 Dinara, 9g5000 DinaraVF+£35.00Zenica handstamp on front, scarce

1992-95 Issues.

Bosnia-Herzegovina 10 Dinara,  1. 7.199210a10 Dinara 1. 7.1992UNC£0.80
Bosnia-Herzegovina 25 Dinara,  1. 7.199211a25 Dinara 1. 7.1992UNC£1.00
Bosnia-Herzegovina 50 Dinara,  1. 7.199212a50 Dinara 1. 7.1992UNC£1.20
Bosnia-Herzegovina 100 Dinara,  1. 7.199213a100 Dinara 1. 7.1992UNC£1.40
Bosnia-Herzegovina 500 Dinara,  1. 7.199214a500 Dinara 1. 7.1992UNC£2.50
Bosnia-Herzegovina 1000 Dinara,  1. 7.199215a1000 Dinara 1. 7.1992UNC£3.50
Bosnia-Herzegovina 5000 Dinara, 25. 1.199316a5000 Dinara25. 1.1993UNC£5.00
Bosnia-Herzegovina 10,000 Dinara, 25. 1.199317a10,000 Dinara25. 1.1993UNC£5.50
Bosnia-Herzegovina 5000 Dinara,  1. 8.1992275000 Dinara 1. 8.1992VF£13.00bottom right corner missing
Bosnia-Herzegovina 1 Dinar, 15. 8.1994391 Dinar15. 8.1994UNC£2.00
Bosnia-Herzegovina 50 Dinara, (1995)4750 Dinara(1995)UNC£16.00

1993 Emergency Bon Issue.

Bosnia-Herzegovina 100,000 Dinara,  1. 9.199334a100,000 Dinara 1. 9.1993UNC£10.00Overprint on P10
Bosnia-Herzegovina 100,000 Dinara, 10.11.199334b100,000 Dinara10.11.1993UNC£10.00Overprint on P10
Bosnia-Herzegovina 1,000,000 Dinara,  1. 9.199335a1,000,000 Dinara 1. 9.1993UNC£10.00Overprint on P11
Bosnia-Herzegovina 1,000,000 Dinara, 10.11.199335b1,000,000 Dinara10.11.1993UNC£6.00Overprint on P11
Bosnia-Herzegovina 10,000,000 Dinara, 10.11.19933610,000,000 Dinara10.11.1993UNC£8.50Overprint on P12
Bosnia-Herzegovina 100,000,000 Dinara, 10.11.199337b1100,000,000 Dinara10.11.1993UNC£8.50Overprint on P13

1992 Novcani Bon Issue.

Bosnia-Herzegovina 200 Dinara, (1992)48b200 Dinara(1992)UNC£50.00Handstamp NOVI TRAVNIK
Bosnia-Herzegovina 200 Dinara, (1992)48c200 Dinara(1992)VF+/EF£35.00Handstamp VITEZ
Bosnia-Herzegovina 500 Dinara, (1992)49b500 Dinara(1992)VF+/EF£30.00Handstamp NOVI TRAVNIK
Bosnia-Herzegovina 500 Dinara, (1992)49c500 Dinara(1992)VF+/EF£45.00Handstamp VITEZ
Bosnia-Herzegovina 1000 Dinara, (1992)50b1000 Dinara(1992)EF£35.00Handstamp NOVI TRAVNIK
Bosnia-Herzegovina 5000 Dinara, (1992)51a5000 Dinara(1992)VF+/EF£55.00Handstamp TRAVNIK
Bosnia-Herzegovina 5000 Dinara, (1992)51c5000 Dinara(1992)VF+£55.00Handstamp VITEZ
Bosnia-Herzegovina 10,000 Dinara, (1992)52c10,000 Dinara(1992)VF+£35.00Handstamp VITEZ

1993 Emergency Issue.

Bosnia-Herzegovina 10,000 Dinara, 15.10.199353e10,000 Dinara15.10.1993UNC£4.50Overprint on P10; three green zeros added to the value.
Bosnia-Herzegovina 10,000 Dinara, 15.10.199353f10,000 Dinara15.10.1993UNC£4.50Overprint on P10; three red zeros added to the value.
Bosnia-Herzegovina 50,000 Dinara, 15.10.199355e50,000 Dinara15.10.1993UNC£4.50Overprint on P12; three green zeros added to the value.
Bosnia-Herzegovina 50,000 Dinara, 15.10.199355f50,000 Dinara15.10.1993UNC£4.50Overprint on P12; three red zeros added to the value.

Konvertibilna Pfeniga

Bosnia-Herzegovina 50 Pfeniga, (1998)5750 Pfeniga(1998)UNC£4.00

New Konvertibilna Maraka notes first issued 1998.

Bosnia-Herzegovina 20 Marka, (1998)66a20 Marka(1998)UNC£20.00
Bosnia-Herzegovina 10 Marka, 20087310 Marka2008UNC£12.00
Bosnia-Herzegovina 20 Marka, 200874a20 Marka2008UNC£22.00
Bosnia-Herzegovina 20 Marka, 200875a20 Marka2008UNC£22.00
Bosnia-Herzegovina 10 Marka, 201280a10 Marka2012UNC£11.00
Bosnia-Herzegovina 10 Marka, 201281a10 Marka2012UNC£11.00
Bosnia-Herzegovina 20 Marka, 201282a20 Marka2012UNC£20.00
Bosnia-Herzegovina 20 Marka, 201283a20 Marka2012UNC£20.00
Bosnia-Herzegovina 50 Marka, 201284a50 Marka2012UNC£48.00


Bosnia-Herzegovina 10 Dinara, 1992133a10 Dinara1992UNC£1.00
Bosnia-Herzegovina 50 Dinara, 1992134a50 Dinara1992UNC£1.20
Bosnia-Herzegovina 50 Dinara, 1992134s50 Dinara1992UNC£4.00Specimen
Bosnia-Herzegovina 100 Dinara, 1992135a100 Dinara1992UNC£2.50
Bosnia-Herzegovina 500 Dinara, 1992136a500 Dinara1992UNC£3.00
Bosnia-Herzegovina 1000 Dinara, 1992137a1000 Dinara1992UNC£3.00
Bosnia-Herzegovina 5000 Dinara, 1992138a5000 Dinara1992UNC£7.00
Bosnia-Herzegovina 100,000 Dinara, 1993141a100,000 Dinara1993UNC£3.00
Bosnia-Herzegovina 10 million Dinara, 1993144a10 million Dinara1993UNC£3.50
Bosnia-Herzegovina 1 Milliarda Dinara, 1993147a1 Milliarda Dinara1993UNC£3.50
Bosnia-Herzegovina 5000 Dinara, 1993152a5000 Dinara1993UNC£2.50
Bosnia-Herzegovina 50,000 Dinara, 1993153a50,000 Dinara1993UNC£2.50
Bosnia-Herzegovina 100,000 Dinara, 1993154a100,000 Dinara1993UNC£2.50
Bosnia-Herzegovina 1,000,000 Dinara, 1993155a1,000,000 Dinara1993UNC£4.00
Bosnia-Herzegovina 5,000,000 Dinara, 1993156a5,000,000 Dinara1993UNC£4.00
Bosnia-Herzegovina 100 million Dinara, 1993157a100 million Dinara1993UNC£4.00
Bosnia-Herzegovina 500,000,000 Dinara, 1993158a500,000,000 Dinara1993UNC£4.00

Prison Coupons

Bosnia-Herzegovina 15 Dinara, ND -15 DinaraNDUNC£5.00Zenica prison.
Bosnia-Herzegovina 25 Dinara, ND -25 DinaraNDUNC£5.00Zenica prison.
Bosnia-Herzegovina 100 Dinara, ND -100 DinaraNDUNC£5.00Zenica prison.