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  • References are taken from the Standard Catalogues of World Paper Money (Krause Publications).
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imageRefDescriptionDateGradePriceOther Information

Japanese Occupation WWII.

Philippines 10 Pesos, (1942)108a10 Pesos(1942)aUNC£2.00
Philippines 10 Pesos, (1943)111a10 Pesos(1943)UNC£1.50
Philippines 100 Pesos, (1944)112a100 Pesos(1944)UNC£2.00
Philippines 100 Pesos, (1944)112a100 Pesos(1944)aUNC£1.20

Central Bank of the Philippines

Philippines 5 Pesos, 135e5 PesosUNC£2.50
Philippines 10 Pesos, 136e10 PesosUNC£2.50
Philippines 10 Pesos, 136f10 PesosUNC£2.50
Philippines 20 Pesos, 137d20 PesosUNC£2.50
Philippines 20 Pesos, 137e20 PesosUNC£2.50
Philippines 200 Pesos, (1949)140a200 Pesos(1949)UNC£12.50
Philippines 1 Piso, (1967)142b1 Piso(1967)UNC£1.50
Philippines 5 Piso, (1967)143a5 Piso(1967)UNC£2.00
Philippines 5 Piso, (1967- )143b5 Piso(1967- )UNC£1.50
Philippines 10 Piso, (1967)144a10 Piso(1967)UNC£4.00
Philippines 10 Piso, ND144b10 PisoNDUNC£3.00
Philippines 20 Piso, (1969)145b20 Piso(1969)UNC£6.00
Philippines 50 Piso, (1969)146a50 Piso(1969)UNC£10.00
Philippines 100 Piso, (1969)147a100 Piso(1969)UNC£14.00
Philippines 100 Piso, (1967)147b100 Piso(1967)UNC£13.50
Philippines 5 Piso, ND148a5 PisoNDUNC£2.50
Philippines 10 Piso, ND149a10 PisoNDUNC£6.50
Philippines 20 Piso, ND150a20 PisoNDUNC£3.00
Philippines 50 Piso, ND151a50 PisoNDUNC£9.50
Philippines 5 Piso, ND153a5 PisoNDUNC£3.00
Philippines 10 Piso, ND154a10 PisoNDUNC£1.50
Philippines 20 Piso, ND155a20 PisoNDUNC£3.00
Philippines 50 Piso, ND156a50 PisoNDUNC£5.50
Philippines 50 Piso, ND156b50 PisoNDUNC£6.50
Philippines 100 Piso, ND157b100 PisoNDUNC£15.00
Philippines 2 Piso, (1974-85)159c2 Piso(1974-85)UNC£1.00
Philippines 2 Piso, (1974-85)159c2 Piso(1974-85)UNC£4.00* Replacement note
Philippines 5 Piso, ND160a5 PisoNDUNC£1.50
Philippines 5 Piso, ND160b5 PisoNDUNC£2.50
Philippines 5 Piso, ND160c5 PisoNDUNC£1.50
Philippines 5 Piso, ND160d5 PisoNDUNC£1.00
Philippines 10 Piso, ND161a10 PisoNDUNC£2.00
Philippines 10 Piso, ND161b10 PisoNDUNC£2.00
Philippines 10 Piso, ND161d10 PisoNDUNC£2.50
Philippines 10 Piso, ND161d10 PisoNDEF£1.50
Philippines 10 Piso, ND161d10 PisoNDUNC£10.00* Replacement note
Philippines 20 Piso, ND162a20 PisoNDUNC£3.00
Philippines 20 Piso, ND162b20 PisoNDUNC£3.00
Philippines 20 Piso, ND162c20 PisoNDUNC£2.50
Philippines 50 Piso, ND163c50 PisoNDUNC£3.50
Philippines 2 Piso, 1981166a2 Piso1981UNC£1.50
Philippines 10 Piso, 1981167a10 Piso1981UNC£1.50
Philippines 10 Piso, (1985-)169a10 Piso(1985-)UNC£2.50
Philippines 5 Piso, 1987176a5 Piso1987UNC£1.20
Philippines 5 Piso, (1995)1805 Piso(1995)UNC£1.00
Philippines 20 Piso, 2005182i20 Piso2005UNC£2.00
Philippines 20 Piso, 2007182i20 Piso2007UNC£2.00
Philippines 50 Piso, 200319350 Piso2003UNC£3.00
Philippines 100 Piso, 2010194b100 Piso2010UNC£5.50
Philippines 50 Piso, 200920050 Piso2009UNC£2.50Commemorates 60 years of Central Banking in the Philippines.
Philippines 200 Piso, 2009203200 Piso2009UNC£10.00Commemorates 60 years of Central Banking in the Philippines.
Philippines 20 Piso, 2010206a20 Piso2010UNC£2.50
Philippines 20 Piso, 2017206b20 Piso2017UNC£1.50
Philippines 20 Piso, 2017206r20 Piso2017UNC£1.00
Philippines 50 Piso, 2010207a50 Piso2010UNC£4.50
Philippines 50 Piso, 2017207r50 Piso2017UNC£2.00
Philippines 100 Piso, 2010208a100 Piso2010UNC£6.00
Philippines 100 Piso, 2017208100 Piso2017UNC£5.00
Philippines 200 Piso, 2010209a200 Piso2010UNC£12.00
Philippines 50 Piso, 2012211Aa50 Piso2012UNC£2.50Commemorates 50 years of ASEAN.
Philippines 100 Piso, 2011212100 Piso2011UNC£6.00Commemorates 75 years of the Ateneo Law School.
Philippines 200 Piso, 2011212C200 Piso2011UNC£12.00Commemorates 400 years of 'Unending Grace'.
Philippines 50 Piso, 201321550 Piso2013UNC£2.50Commemorates St. Pedro Calungsod Canonization.
Philippines 50 Piso, 201321650 Piso2013UNC£2.50Commemorates 50 Years of the Trinity University of Asia.
Philippines 50 Piso, 201321750 Piso2013UNC£2.50Commemorates 50 Years of the Philippines Deposit Insurance Corp.

Negros Occidental Provincial Currency Committee

Philippines 2 Pesos, 1941S-625a2 Pesos1941aUNC£16.00
Philippines 2 Pesos, 1941S-625a2 Pesos1941VF+£12.00
Philippines 10 Pesos, 1941S-627a10 Pesos1941UNC£18.00
Philippines 2 Pesos, 20. 1.1942S-647B2 Pesos20. 1.1942UNC£6.00
Philippines 5 Pesos, 20. 1.1942S-6485 Pesos20. 1.1942UNC£6.00
Philippines 10 Pesos, 20. 1.1942S-649a10 Pesos20. 1.1942UNC£6.00