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  • References are taken from the Standard Catalogues of World Paper Money (Krause Publications).
  • Prices are quoted in GB Pounds; you can click the currency symbols above to show approximate values in US Dollars or Euros.
  • Click on image thumbnails to enlarge. Please note that all images are library pictures intended only to aid general identification of the notes. In most instances, the note you receive will not be the exact note which is pictured, and you should be guided by the written description with regard to detail and condition.
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imageRefDescriptionDateGradePriceOther Information
Sweden 1 Krona, 192032g1 Krona1920Fine£22.00
Sweden 5 Kronor, 193533r5 Kronor1935Fine£8.00
Sweden 5 Kronor, 194733ad5 Kronor1947UNC£16.00
Sweden 5 Kronor, 194833ae5 Kronor1948UNC£16.00
Sweden 5 Kronor, 194933af5 Kronor1949UNC£16.00
Sweden 5 Kronor, 195133ah5 Kronor1951UNC£16.00
Sweden 5 Kronor, 195233ai5 Kronor1952UNC£16.00
Sweden 10 Kronor, 193734t10 Kronor1937Fine£5.00
Sweden 10 Kronor, 194740h10 Kronor1947UNC£18.00
Sweden 10 Kronor, 194840i10 Kronor1948UNC£18.00
Sweden 10 Kronor, 195040k10 Kronor1950UNC£18.00
Sweden 10 Kronor, 195240m10 Kronor1952UNC£18.00
Sweden 5 Kronor, 194841a5 Kronor1948VF+£13.00
Sweden 5 Kronor, 196142f5 Kronor1961UNC£5.00
Sweden 10 Kronor, 195443b10 Kronor1954UNC£8.00
Sweden 10 Kronor, 195443b10 Kronor1954aEF£4.00
Sweden 10 Kronor, 195543c10 Kronor1955UNC£8.00
Sweden 10 Kronor, 195643d10 Kronor1956UNC£8.00
Sweden 10 Kronor, 195643d10 Kronor1956VF£3.00
Sweden 10 Kronor, 195743e10 Kronor1957UNC£8.00
Sweden 10 Kronor, 195843f10 Kronor1958VF+£3.00
Sweden 10 Kronor, 195943g10 Kronor1959EF£4.00
Sweden 10 Kronor, 196043h10 Kronor1960VF£2.50
Sweden 10 Kronor, 196243i10 Kronor1962VF£2.50
Sweden 100 Kronor, 195645b100 Kronor1956EF£48.00
Sweden 100 Kronor, 196148c100 Kronor1961EF£50.00
Sweden 5 Kronor, 196350b5 Kronor1963UNC£5.00
Sweden 5 Kronor, 196551a5 Kronor1965UNC£5.00
Sweden 5 Kronor, 196651a5 Kronor1966UNC£5.00
Sweden 5 Kronor, 196751a5 Kronor1967UNC£5.00
Sweden 5 Kronor, 196951a5 Kronor1969UNC£5.00
Sweden 5 Kronor, 197751c5 Kronor1977UNC£3.50
Sweden 5 Kronor, 197851d5 Kronor1978UNC£3.50
Sweden 5 Kronor, 198151d5 Kronor1981UNC£3.50
Sweden 10 Kronor, 196352a10 Kronor1963UNC£6.00
Sweden 10 Kronor, 196652b10 Kronor1966UNC£5.00
Sweden 10 Kronor, various 1970's52c10 Kronorvarious 1970'sVF+£2.50
Sweden 10 Kronor, 197952d10 Kronor1979UNC£5.00
Sweden 10 Kronor, 198352d10 Kronor1983UNC£5.00
Sweden 10 Kronor, 1981, 198752e10 Kronor1981, 1987UNC£4.00
Sweden 10 Kronor, 1989, 199052e10 Kronor1989, 1990UNC£4.00
Sweden 10 Kronor, various dates52d, e10 Kronorvarious datesVF£2.00
Sweden 50 Kronor, 198153c50 Kronor1981aUNC£18.00
Sweden 10 Kronor, 196856a10 Kronor1968EF£6.00
Sweden 100 Kronor, 19857a100 Kronor198UNC£25.00
Sweden 20 Kronor, 199161a20 Kronor1991UNC£10.00
Sweden 20 Kronor, 199461a20 Kronor1994UNC£9.00
Sweden 50 Kronor, 199762a50 Kronor1997UNC£15.00
Sweden 20 Kronor, 199763a20 Kronor1997UNC£6.00
Sweden 50 Kronor, 200464a50 Kronor2004EF£8.00
Sweden 50 Kronor, 201164c50 Kronor2011aUNC£9.00
Sweden 100 Kronor, 200165a100 Kronor2001UNC£23.00