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Banknote Identification and Valuation

We get many requests to identify and value banknotes - ranging from single items to large collections or accumulations.

We are happy to help where we can but it can be a time consuming business, and having correct and complete information is important.

If you do require identification or valuation on any notes, please read the following guidelines.


If you want some banknotes identified the simplest way is usually to send us scans or photographs of them.

Images should be displayed at 75 to 100 dpi to match the resolution of computer monitors and only about the same size as the original note, which makes for a reasonably small file size.

Images should be sent in the form of jpeg (.jpg) files and should not need to exceed 300 kilobytes for a single image. In the unlikely event that we need an image at a higher resolution, we will ask you for it. Alternatively you can send us a photocopy of the note(s) together with a stamped, addressed envelope.

Please avoid huge scans of several megabytes as these simply clog up our email system and are often too large to be downloadable.


To give an accurate valuation on any banknote we need to correctly identify it and also know fairly precisely what condition it is in.

For this reason it is often not possible to accurately value notes unless we have sight of them; nevertheless, please try to give full information so that we can at least give you an approximate value.

If you are contacting us because you want to sell the notes, then please see "BUYING" in the panel to the right.

Valuations for Probate or Insurance

We are happy to undertake valuations for probate or insurance purposes. The charge made for this service will depend on the size of the collection/accumulation, and the time needed for evaluation


We are active buyers of good quality banknotes.

If you have banknotes that you wish to sell please make us aware of this when you contact us initially.

  • For a small quantity of notes we can generally advise on our interest and make an approximate offer on the basis of pictures. Such offer will be subject to confirmation upon sight of the notes.
  • For larger quantities, collections or accumulations this becomes impractical and you will need to either bring or send the notes to us.

We will gladly travel to view large collections or accumulations of paper money if we feel that their value is sufficient to justify the time and expense involved.

Sending Banknotes in the Mail

If you wish to send banknotes to us for offer, you should sandwich them flat between two pieces of rigid cardboard and send them by special delivery (registered) mail.