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  • References are taken from the Standard Catalogues of World Paper Money (Krause Publications).
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imageRefDescriptionDateGradePriceOther Information

Bank of China

China 5 Yuan, January 193170b5 YuanJanuary 1931aUNC€56.64
China 5 Yuan, 1937805 Yuan1937UNC€9.44
China 5 Yuan, 1940845 Yuan1940aUNC€7.08
China 10 Yuan, 194085b10 Yuan1940UNC€8.26
China 10 Yuan, 194085b10 Yuan1940EF/aUNC€5.90
China 100 Yuan, 194088b100 Yuan1940F+€7.08Chungking
China 100 Yuan, 194088c100 Yuan1940VG/F€4.72Chungking

Bank of Communications

China 5 Yuan,  1.10.1914117n5 Yuan 1.10.1914VF+€15.34
China 10 Yuan,  1.10.1914118o10 Yuan 1.10.1914aUNC€14.16
China 5 Yuan, 1935154a5 Yuan1935aEF€5.90
China 5 Yuan, 1941157a5 Yuan1941aUNC€15.34
China 10 Yuan, 1941159e10 Yuan1941aUNC€17.70Chinese bank stamp on front and reverse

The Central Bank of China.

China 10 Dollars, 1923176a10 Dollars1923VF/VF+€18.88
China 10 Dollars, 1923176a10 Dollars1923F+/VF€14.16
China 10 Dollars, 1923176a10 Dollars1923F/F+€9.44
China 10 Dollars, 1923176c10 Dollars1923VF€17.70
China 10 Dollars, 1923176e10 Dollars1923F+/VF€12.98
China 10 Dollars, 1923176e10 Dollars1923F€8.26
China 10 Dollars, 1928197e10 Dollars1928UNC€14.16
China 10 Dollars, 1928197h10 Dollars1928aEF€10.03
China 5 Dollars, 1930200c5 Dollars1930VG€5.90
China 10 Cents, (1931)20210 Cents(1931)UNC€8.26
China 20 Cents, (1931)20320 Cents(1931)VF+€5.90
China 5 Yuan, 1936213a5 Yuan1936UNC€11.80
China 5 Yuan, 1936213a5 Yuan1936VF+€8.26
China 5 Yuan, 1936213c5 Yuan1936VF+€8.26
China 10 Yuan, 1936214c10 Yuan1936VF+€8.26
China 10 Yuan, 1936 214c10 Yuan1936 VF+€11.80missing signatures
China 5 Yuan, 1936217a5 Yuan1936UNC€14.16
China 5 Yuan, 1936217a5 Yuan1936aUNC€10.62
China 5 Yuan, 1936217a5 Yuan1936aEF€7.08
China 5 Yuan, 1936217c5 Yuan1936UNC€14.16
China 10 Yuan, 1936218a10 Yuan1936aUNC€7.08Discolouration at the edge of the paper
China 10 Yuan, 1936218a10 Yuan1936VF€4.72
China 10 Yuan, 1936218d10 Yuan1936aUNC€10.62
China 100 Yuan, 1936220a100 Yuan1936Fine€18.88
China 5 Yuan, 19372225 Yuan1937VG€9.44
China 5 Cents, 1939225a5 Cents1939EF€4.72
China 2 Yuan, 19412312 Yuan1941aEF€18.88
China 100 Yuan, 1941243a100 Yuan1941UNC€8.26
China 100 Yuan, 1942250100 Yuan1942VG€14.16
China 5000 Yuan, 19473105000 Yuan1947VF€9.44
China 10,000 Yuan, 194731410,000 Yuan1947VF+€11.80
China 10,000 Yuan, 194732110,000 Yuan1947Fine€14.16paper split on centre crease
China 10 Custom Gold Units, 1930327d10 Custom Gold Units1930aUNC€7.08
China 10 Custom Gold Units, 1930327d10 Custom Gold Units1930VF+€4.72
China 20 Customs Gold Units, 193032820 Customs Gold Units1930VF+€5.90
China 50 Customs Gold Units, 193032950 Customs Gold Units1930aUNC€10.62
China 20 Cents, 194639620 Cents1946UNC€14.16

The Farmers Bank of China

China 10 Cents, 193746110 Cents1937aEF€8.26
China 20 Cents, 193746220 Cents1937aUNC€14.16
China 1 Yuan, 1940 4631 Yuan1940 VF+€11.80some spots of foxing

Central Reserve Bank of China

China 100 Yuan, 1943J23a100 Yuan1943VF€7.08
China 200 Yuan, 1944 J30a200 Yuan1944 Fine€8.26small round punch hole centre

Federal Reserve Bank of China

China 1 Fen, 1938J46a1 Fen1938VF+€11.80
China 5 Yuan, (1941)J73a5 Yuan(1941)Fine€12.98
China 100 Yuan, (1943)J77100 Yuan(1943)VG€10.62
China 10 Yuan, (1945)J86b10 Yuan(1945)VF+€9.44
China 1000 Yuan, (1945)J91b1000 Yuan(1945)VG/F€28.32


China 1 Yuan, (1944)J1351 Yuan(1944)aEF€14.16

Japanese Military WWII

China 1 Sen, (1939)M71 Sen(1939)aUNC€11.80
China 5 Yen, (1940)M17a5 Yen(1940)VF€5.90
China 5 Yen, (1940)M17r5 Yen(1940)F+€4.72remainder
China 10 Yen, (1940)M19a10 Yen(1940)F+/VF€7.08
China 100 Yen, (1945)M28100 Yen(1945)VF€7.08