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  • References are taken from the Standard Catalogues of World Paper Money (Krause Publications).
  • Prices are quoted in GB Pounds; you can click the currency symbols above to show approximate values in US Dollars or Euros.
  • Click on image thumbnails to enlarge. Please note that all images are library pictures intended only to aid general identification of the notes. In most instances, the note you receive will not be the exact note which is pictured, and you should be guided by the written description with regard to detail and condition.
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imageRefDescriptionDateGradePriceOther Information
Nigeria 1 Pound, (1967)81 Pound(1967)UNC€5.90
Nigeria 1 Pound, (1967)81 Pound(1967)aU/UNC€4.72
Nigeria 1 Pound, (1967)81 Pound(1967)EF€4.13
Nigeria 1 Pound, (1967)81 Pound(1967)VF+€2.95
Nigeria 1 Pound, (1968)12a1 Pound(1968)EF€88.50
Nigeria 1 Pound, (1968)12a1 Pound(1968)VF+€41.30
Nigeria 1 Pound, (1968)12b1 Pound(1968)EF€76.70small stain in left hand margin
Nigeria 50 Kobo, (1973-78)14f50 Kobo(1973-78)UNC€4.72
Nigeria 50 Kobo, (1973-78)14g50 Kobo(1973-78)UNC€3.54
Nigeria 1 Naira, (1973-78)15d1 Naira(1973-78)EF€7.08
Nigeria 5 Naira, (1973-78)16b5 Naira(1973-78)aEF€23.60
Nigeria 1 Naira, (1984-)23a1 Naira(1984-)EF€4.72
Nigeria 1 Naira, (1984-)23b1 Naira(1984-)UNC€7.67
Nigeria 5 Naira, (1984-)24a5 Naira(1984-)EF€4.72
Nigeria 5 Naira, (1984-)24b5 Naira(1984-)UNC€2.36
Nigeria 5 Naira, (1984-)24d5 Naira(1984-)UNC€2.36
Nigeria 5 Naira, (1984-)24e5 Naira(1984-)UNC€2.36
Nigeria 5 Naira, 200124f5 Naira2001UNC€2.36
Nigeria 5 Naira, 200224f5 Naira2002UNC€2.36sign. 11
Nigeria 5 Naira, 200424g5 Naira2004UNC€2.36sign. 12
Nigeria 5 Naira, 200524h5 Naira2005UNC€2.36
Nigeria 5 Naira, 200524i5 Naira2005UNC€2.36
Nigeria 10 Naira, 20012510 Naira2001aUNC€1.77
Nigeria 10 Naira, 200225f10 Naira2002UNC€2.36
Nigeria 10 Naira, 200325g10 Naira2003UNC€2.36
Nigeria 10 Naira, 200525h10 Naira2005UNC€2.36
Nigeria 20 Naira, (1984-)26b20 Naira(1984-)UNC€5.31
Nigeria 20 Naira, (1984-)26e20 Naira(1984-)UNC€3.54
Nigeria 20 Naira, (1984-)26f20 Naira(1984-)UNC€3.54
Nigeria 20 Naira, undated26g20 NairaundatedUNC€3.54
Nigeria 20 Naira, 200126g20 Naira2001EF€2.36
Nigeria 20 Naira, 200226g20 Naira2002UNC€3.54
Nigeria 20 Naira, 200326g20 Naira2003UNC€3.54
Nigeria 20 Naira, 200426h20 Naira2004UNC€3.54
Nigeria 20 Naira, 200526i20 Naira2005UNC€3.54
Nigeria 50 Naira, (1991)27a50 Naira(1991)UNC€8.26
Nigeria 50 Naira, (1991-)27b50 Naira(1991-)UNC€7.08
Nigeria 50 Naira, (1991-)27c50 Naira(1991-)UNC€5.90
Nigeria 50 Naira, 200127d50 Naira2001UNC€5.90
Nigeria 50 Naira, 200427e50 Naira2004UNC€5.90
Nigeria 100 Naira, 199928a100 Naira1999UNC€3.54
Nigeria 100 Naira, 199928b100 Naira1999UNC€3.54
Nigeria 100 Naira, 199928b100 Naira1999aUNC€2.36
Nigeria 100 Naira, 200128c100 Naira2001UNC€3.54
Nigeria 100 Naira, 200928i100 Naira2009UNC€3.54
Nigeria 100 Naira, 201028i100 Naira2010UNC€3.54
Nigeria 100 Naira, 201128k100 Naira2011UNC€3.54
Nigeria 200 Naira, 200029200 Naira2000UNC€8.26
Nigeria 200 Naira, 200429200 Naira2004UNC€7.08
Nigeria 200 Naira, 200529d200 Naira2005UNC€7.08
Nigeria 200 Naira, 200929h200 Naira2009UNC€5.90
Nigeria 200 Naira, 201629p200 Naira2016aEF€2.95
Nigeria 500 Naira, 200230b500 Naira2002UNC€10.62
Nigeria 500 Naira, 200930h500 Naira2009UNC€9.44
Nigeria 5 Naira, 2006325 Naira2006UNC€1.18
Nigeria 10 Naira, 20063310 Naira2006UNC€1.77
Nigeria 20 Naira, 200634a20 Naira2006UNC€2.36
Nigeria 50 Naira, 200635a50 Naira2006UNC€2.36
Nigeria 50 Naira, 200735b50 Naira2007UNC€2.36
Nigeria 5 Naira, 200938b5 Naira2009UNC€1.18
Nigeria 5 Naira, 201138c5 Naira2011UNC€1.18
Nigeria 5 Naira, 201538f5 Naira2015UNC€1.18
Nigeria 5 Naira, 201638g5 Naira2016UNC€1.18
Nigeria 5 Naira, 201838j5 Naira2018UNC€1.18
Nigeria 10 Naira, 200639a10 Naira2006UNC€1.18
Nigeria 10 Naira, 201139c10 Naira2011UNC€1.18
Nigeria 10 Naira, 201739h10 Naira2017UNC€1.18
Nigeria 50 Naira, 201040b50 Naira2010UNC€1.18
Nigeria 50 Naira, 201140c50 Naira2011UNC€1.18
Nigeria 50 Naira, 201340d50 Naira2013UNC€1.18
Nigeria 100 Naira, 201441100 Naira2014UNC€4.72